About Us

Message From Director

People have leadership roles in work, business, families, and most networks of people anywhere

They do big things that result in change and positive results. We promote inspirational thinking and thought leadership values to enable specific target groups to become the best human beings they can be..

Our Story

The Difference Makers NPO was founded in 2012, The Difference International (Pty) Ltd in 2011, and The Difference Makers Institute (Pty) Ltd in 2021.

The Group is known as The Difference Makers or TDM. We are situated in Johannesburg but work across South Africa. TDM partners with individuals and organizations that make a difference as South Africa now more than ever need “a people’s development” agenda. Our organization is a prime example and embodiment of the entrepreneurial character we strive to instill in our clients by providing entrepreneurs with the tools and confidence to compete in the dynamic, ever-changing, and competitive landscape of South Africa and Africa at large. We also focus on providing corporations and state-owned enterprises as Measured Entities under the B-BBEE Regulations with innovative solutions to ensure maximum impact. Our resources, faculties, and associates include successful business owners of the highest academic and professional caliber recruited for their hands-on and personalized approach.

The Difference Makers has developed a large network of successful women and other business owners over the past 12 years.

Our organization assists in developing women, rural, youth, and disabled entrepreneurs as well as communities through innovative strategies and strategic partnerships to complement our respective strengths, focuses, and resources. We also partner with corporate entities on strategic projects to identify entrepreneurs and develop them to fill gaps in the supply chain. Our track record of partnering for success is reflected in the approximately 250+ Black Women Owned SMMEs that we have nurtured to date and set on a path of sustainable profitability and growth over the past four years in terms of our partnership with the Cherie Blair Foundation Mentorship Program for Women Entrepreneurs. TDM also have a membership of 180+ women entrepreneurs across sectors that we empower with love, care, respect, and purpose.